“Shirlene Elledge has been my most significant role model as a therapist. She has consistently demonstrated remarkable skill in many areas, but especially that of showing compassion and empathy, while also holding people accountable to their higher selves. It would be impossible for me to measure the benefits I have gained personally from both her Parenting workshop and Elements of Excellence L.I.F.E. Course. I know that some of my success as a counselor and coach can be attributed to the many hours I have spent in her workshops watching and learning from her.”
Beth A Haggett MSW, ACSW, MPEC, PhD

“I’ve worked with Shirlene Elledge in two ways over a two-year period. She has excellent skills in one-on-one coaching and in faciliated learning environments. The L.I.F.E. weekend intensive workshop helped me unearth and overcome some core beliefs that were standing in my way both personally and professionally. One-on-one coaching was the second way in which I worked with Shirlene. Her clear insight and articulate coaching included observations and specific decision-making tools that continue to be useful. If you are ready to do some of the challenging personal or organizational work that leads to new perspectives and to new ways of living life, work with Shirlene Elledge.”
Jana Kemp, Owner, Meeting & Management Essentials, Author: NO! & Moving Meetings,  Former Idaho State Legislator District 16B

“My marriage was on the brink of ending about 20 years ago and being the parent of 5 children just beginning the teenage years about had me over the edge. The programs that the Adlerian Relationship Center had to offer was the saving factor. The Elements of Excellence L.I.F.E. Course was our beginning, the Marriage workshop, and the Parenting class were so helpful. Now our 27 year marriage is thriving and we are enjoying wonderful relationships with our adult children, thanks to these programs. Shirlene Elledge has been a stabilizing factor in my road to emotional healing. The help that she has offered through her facilitating of the L.I.F.E. Course and the Parenting class, as well as some private coaching has been so valuable to me and my family. I would highly recommend any of her workshops to those looking to improve their relationship with themselves or others.
LeAnne Parrish, Homemaker/Realtor, SkyWest flight attendant

“As an intuitive and loving person, Shirlene’s skills help people search their own hearts to understand themselves. Shirlene makes a person feel safe in exploring desires and making a plan to improve the quality of one’s life and relationships. She desires to make our world a better place ‘one person at a time’ and is on a good path to do so. For over 17 years, I have had the privilege to have her in my life and consider her to be one of my favorite people. In my opinion, anyone is better for experiencing what Shirlene offers in her life and in her workshops.”
Debra Greeff LMSW

“I feel it is an honor to recommend Shirlene Elledge. I have had the pleasure to team teach with her for the past ten years at The Adlerian Relationship Center. I have been able to expand my skills through her mentorship. Her skill in teaching has enabled many individuals and families to experience emotional healing. I have come to understand why so many people I meet who know her have always spoken so highly of of her and how her tutorship has helped them.”
Rodney Limb, Licensed Professional Counselor,
Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor

Mediation Testimonials

“I have been in an aggravating and ongoing conflict with my grumpy neighbor for over 10 years. With Shirlene’s help, we were able to come to an agreeable solution” in about 2 hours time.”
Dan B. (Federal Employee)

“I didn’t think I would ever be able to work anything out with my ex-husband without turning everything over to a judge to make a ruling but Shirlene helped us see how we could put some of our own demands into a mixture of agreements which seem to work.”
Mother of 2 pre-schoolers. (Beautician)

“We chose Shirlene as our mediator because of her years experience in working with families and her knowledge of the needs of children. She helped us figure out the best thing for our kids. Once we understood their needs, it made it easier to decide how to handle custody and visitation.”
Samuel R. Father of 3 (Contractor & Land Developer)

“We were court ordered to mediate with Shirlene since we couldn’t agree on a mediator. I was very skeptical at first but I soon realized Shirlene had the skills and understanding to help us. She helped us to communicate with each other and agree on issues that I never knew how we would be able to figure our way through.”
Jessica M. Mother of 2 teens (corporate IT)

“Shirlene was very helpful in helping our organization accomplish clear communication on how we could preserve properties being foreclosed on. We are now on a good path to be able to retain these properties.”
President; Non-profit housing development corporation.

I found “Shirlene’s knowledge of age appropriate needs of a child and experience with creating a safe, comfortable way to communicate” most helpful.
Mother of 3 (Dental Assistant)

Elements of Excellence for Parenting Testimonials

“I learned how to work with my most stubborn child and get him to cooperate!”
Sandi L. Boise, ID

“I learned how to make agreements with my teen-aged daughter that she will accept and follow.”
Joyce M. Kaysville, UT

“I have had fun using these skills with my husband!”
Brenda E. Rancho Cordova, CA

“Our home is more peaceful and our family is happier.”
Sharon W. Altamonte Springs, FL

“I don’t argue with my kids or yell at them anymore and I feel so much better about my parenting.”
Brad S. Eagle, ID

“Our family meetings are one of our highlights of the week.”
Linda C. Boise, ID

“I now have the courage to follow through with what I say. I better understand how important discipline is for my family’s success.”
Anne R. S. Jordan, UT

Elements of Excellence for L.I.F.E. Testimonials

“THE COURSE has opened the way for personal growth and empowerment of myself and others.”

“THE COURSE put our marriage back on track.  We tried counseling, separation and then we attended the L.I.F.E. Course! We are so grateful!”
Nurse Practitioner

“THE COURSE provided a safe environment for me to work through a major family of origin issue that I thought had been finished.”
M.A. Therapist

“THE COURSE helped me get in touch with my feelings.”

“THE COURSE has been a wonderful tool that has started me on the road to personal and spiritual growth.”

“THE COURSE helped me become more understanding of other people’s feelings.

“THE COURSE brought me closer to my spouse.”

“THE COURSE has helped me feel more unconditional love for others.”
Homemaker / B.A. Psychology

“THE COURSE has helped me to realize that I have feelings I didn’t know existed.”

“THE COURSE brought my daughter back to me.”
Yellow Pages Sales

“THE COURSE has helped me realize that my children are responsible for their choices and happiness and I am responsible for mine.”

“THE COURSE restores my faith in the people of this world by the compassion, love and acceptance that it creates. The world would be a much better place if more people could experience THE COURSE of L.I.F.E.”
On-Air Radio Personality

Elements of Excellence for Step-Families Testimonials

“I learned not to take some things so personally and it helped me let go of some negative feelings I was having.”
Gloria F. Winter Park, FL

“As a professional, I learned how I can better help my clients living in step families.”
Kevin S. Salt Lake City, UT

“The class helped me understand things I hadn’t even thought about.”
Steve H. Meridian, ID

“I learned that my expectations were really unrealistic and I was able to take the pressure off myself.”
Susan W. Boise, ID

“I discovered ways to help my step daughter and myself become closer.”
Jan T. Nampa, ID

“I now know I’m not crazy! The feelings I have are valid.”
Wendi W. Stockton, CA

“The class helped me feel closer to my husband.”
Rachel Z. Mountain Home, ID