“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE has opened the way for personal growth and empowerment of myself and others.”

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE put our marriage back on track.  We tried counseling, separation and then we attended the L.I.F.E. Course! We are so grateful!”
Nurse Practitioner

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE provided a safe environment for me to work through a major family of origin issue that I thought had been finished.”
M.A. Therapist

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE helped me get in touch with my feelings.”

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE has been a wonderful tool that has started me on the road to personal and spiritual growth.”

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE helped me become more understanding of other people’s feelings.

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE brought me closer to my spouse.”

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE has helped me feel more unconditional love for others.”
Homemaker / B.A. Psychology

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE has helped me to realize that I have feelings I didn’t know existed.”

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE brought my daughter back to me.”
Yellow Pages Sales

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE has helped me realize that my children are responsible for their choices and happiness and I am responsible for mine.”

“THE L.I.F.E. COURSE restores my faith in the people of this world by the compassion, love and acceptance that it creates. The world would be a much better place if more people could experience THE L.I.F.E. COURSE.”
On-Air Radio Personality