“I have been in an aggravating and ongoing conflict with my grumpy neighbor for over 10 years. With Shirlene’s help, we were able to come to an agreeable solution” in about 2 hours time.”
Dan B. (Federal Employee)

“I didn’t think I would ever be able to work anything out with my ex-husband without turning everything over to a judge to make a ruling but Shirlene helped us see how we could put some of our own demands into a mixture of agreements which seem to work.”
Mother of 2 pre-schoolers. (Beautician)

“We chose Shirlene as our mediator because of her years experience in working with families and her knowledge of the needs of children. She helped us figure out the best thing for our kids. Once we understood their needs, it made it easier to decide how to handle custody and visitation.”
Samuel R. Father of 3 (Contractor & Land Developer)

“We were court ordered to mediate with Shirlene since we couldn’t agree on a mediator. I was very skeptical at first but I soon realized Shirlene had the skills and understanding to help us. She helped us to communicate with each other and agree on issues that I never knew how we would be able to figure our way through.”
Jessica M. Mother of 2 teens (corporate IT)

“Shirlene was very helpful in helping our organization accomplish clear communication on how we could preserve properties being foreclosed on. We are now on a good path to be able to retain these properties.”
President; Non-profit housing development corporation.

I found “Shirlene’s knowledge of age appropriate needs of a child and experience with creating a safe, comfortable way to communicate” most helpful.
Mother of 3 (Dental Assistant)