Emotional and Intimacy Betrayal Recovery

Feeling deeply hurt and feeling a sense of betrayal can be devastating. Whether it is from an intimate relationship, family member, friendship or other relationships, betrayal can feel shattering.

When intimacy within the couple relationship has been betrayed, the injured person can feel devastated and confused, not knowing where to turn for help or how to move forward. The challenges and emotional pain are very individual and unique to each person.

When you move through the essential elements of the recovery process, you can heal from betrayal and rebuild within or out of the relationship. Healing begins in a safe environment with a trained, skilled, and experienced professional who can guide you through your process. Are you feeling alone, devastated, stuck in anger, emotional pain, confused, afraid, and lost? You are not alone. These feelings and more are common when you have been injured from betrayal. Even when the betrayal took place long ago, there can still be lingering grief to heal.

Reclaim Your LIFE ~ Retreat

Resuming in 2023

Accelerate Your Healing!

At the Retreat you will…                                                     You will learn how to…

Accomplish healing                                                              Navigate the healing process

            Receive nurture to your soul                                                 Manage emotions and thoughts

                        Connect with others who share your journey                                 Deal with your anger appropriately and effectively

                        Cry, laugh, and experience many emotions                            Trust yourself

            Receive individual support                                                    Forgive

      Gain a new outlook                                                              Identify your direction

      Build self esteem                                                                 Face your fears

      Renew and reclaim your life                                                 Motivate and empower yourself

Your Facilitator

Shirlene Elledge has over 29 years of experience

as the Master level certified lead facilitator. She is highly

skilled in the LIFE Retreat methodology. Shirlene has

taught hundreds of retreats across the U.S. She is certified

in the studies of Adlerian Theory, is a Licensed Master Social

Worker, and holds several certifications. She is the founder and

CEO of the Adlerian Relationship Center. Shirlene would be happy

to visit with you and answer any questions you may have about

the LIFE Retreat.

Days and hours of the retreat:

Begins Thursdays 6:00pm

Ends Saturday 9:00pm


Your retreat includes:

30 hours of powerful healing and personal transformation

Retreat binder and handouts

snacks, coffee, tea, water

A weekend that will change your life!

Space is limited~Register today!

This is a small group experience to give you the support you deserve. This retreat equals on average approximately 6 months of weekly individual counseling although this retreat is not counseling or therapy. It is an educational and experiential process.

Advanced Registration $1250; Deposit now will hold your chair

You can reserve your spot at this Reclaim Your LIFE Retreat today with a DEPOSIT of just $500!

Space is Limited! Pre-Register Today!

    *Your registration is not yet complete and we cannot hold a place for you without a deposit of $100. Once you submit this pre-registration form you will be re-directed to our payment portal to collect your deposit and reserve your place at the retreat. Once your deposit is received you will be contacted by phone for confirmation and will be asked to provide an intake prior to attending the Reclaim Your LIFE Retreat.

    **Meals and Lodging will be at your own expense.

    Recovering from injury from affairs and betrayal is not exclusive to women. If you are a male seeking affair and betrayal recovery, This workshop is for you.