A one day investment can make the difference between struggling through years of frustration or building a positive, enjoyable family experience. Step Family Testimonials

Shirlene Elledge has worked with Step and Blended families for over 24 years. She is trained and certified in Step-family dynamics and has personal experience as a step-mom. Shirlene offers support for step and blended families in a variety of options:

Private one on one coaching and/or counseling

Couples work

Family coaching/counseling

Step family dynamics workshop for parents




Have you experienced these feelings?

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Resentful of step children
  • Feeling rejected, ignored, hurt, disrespected, unappreciated
  • Your spouse over-protects their own children
  • Experiencing divided loyalties
  • Success of the family lies on your shoulders
  • Desire to run away
  • Hopeless, helpless, discouraged and alone
  • Longing for things to be better

Elements of Excellence for Step Families is a friendly, confidential setting with flexibility within the outline to address your personal concerns.

  • Gain understanding of how a step family is different
  • Gain understanding of reasonable expectations
  • Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes
  • Learn how to deal with a difficult child who refuses to adjust to the new family
  • Learn the most effective ways to handle discipline in the family
  • Work together as a couple
  • Learn how to address money issues


The information is based on over 20 years of research. Taught by a fully trained professional who also has 24 years experience as a step parent. Learn from someone who has been there!
Did you know it takes an average step family 5-7 years to bond?

If the family doesn’t accomplish certain stages and tasks it will never bond. Learn what you can do. Virtually every step family needs help of some kind …only 1% seek help. The only sick family is the one who needs help and doesn’t get it.Create the kind of family that feels good to be a part of. 

A one-day class, lunch on your own. Begins at 9:00 AM, ends at 5:00 PM