Good parenting skills are also good people skills. As you gain the skills to become a more effective parent you will also become more effective with others.Have you experienced these frustrations?

* Feeling ignored and not listened to
* Feeling frustrated with helplessness
* Being drawn into arguing
* Listening to constant bickering
* Feeling at a loss for what to do
* Endless battles
* Balancing kindness with firmness
In this class you will learn to: LAUGH!
* Recognize different types of misbehavior and how to respond most effectively
* Build a child’s self-confidence
* Successfully apply new skills
* Set necessary limits to get results and create security
* Respond to sibling rivalry
* Understand appropriate discipline
* Unify your family
Parenting Testimonials

When we are able to raise our children with a balance of love, nurture and discipline they will learn to do that for themselves and become successful well-balanced adults.

Understanding and applying that balance is critical to our childrens’ success. We can’t teach what we don’t know. Children learn and live what they see.

Elements of Excellence for Parenting is designed for busy, concerned parents who want to gain effective skills and achieve positive results as quickly as possible.

A two day class ( 5 P.M.) is the ideal investment of time for parents to be able to leave with an understanding of how to apply the skills immediately. Day one and two are 3-4 weeks apart
Learn skills that work on virtually every age or adult.
The class is structured in a professional yet friendly and confidential setting, providing enough flexibility for individual concerns to be addressed. The class is limited to 24 participants to ensure quality of learning.