L.I.F.E. Course
“Lasting Individual and Family Enrichment”
A 30 hour class designed to help individuals break the emotional and mental barriers that limit their success, and… More

THE L.I.F.E. COURSE has opened the way for personal growth and empowerment of myself and others.
Chiropractor More Testimonials

For Parenting
A two day highly focused class designed for busy, concerned parents who want to gain effective skills and achieve positive results as quickly as possible… More

“I learned how to work with my most stubborn child and get him to cooperate!”
Sandi L. Boise, ID More Testimonials

For Step Families

This class is an absolute must for step-parents. A one day class for step parents who want to learn how to strengthen their blended family… More

“I learned not to take some things so personally and it helped me let go of some negative feelings I was having.”
Gloria F. Winter Park, FL More Testimonials

For T.E.E.N.S.

Tomorrow’s Excellence Earned Now Series”
A six week series to help teen girls ages 12 and up be more self confident, have courage under peer pressure, have improved communication at home, and strengthen principle based values, plus much more… More

For Career Success

A variety of workshops for the workplace that improve communication skills, increase teamwork and build morale. Let us customize a training for your business or choose from the following… More