Welcome to the Adlerian Relationship Center

Shirlene Elledge LCSW, CPM, CNHP

Offering Telehealth virtual sessions during this COVID-19 pandemic


Individual and Relationship Support

The quality of our relationships, especially the relationship we have with our self, directly affects our quality of life. Whether you are looking for personal support to heal from grief or past trauma, or looking to strengthen your intimate couple relationship, or family relationships, together, as a team, we can explore and discover answers to finding greater joy and meaning within your relationships and in your life.

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Mediation Services

Mediation is a positive alternative to help you navigate some of life’s toughest decisions. Whether you are in need of guidance through the divorce process, co-parenting challenges, or extended family matters, in a peaceful mediation setting, you have more power and influence over the outcomes that impact your life. Change the tone of your relationship, communicate effectively, and resolve and manage conflict productively.

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Individual and Organizational Retreats

Individuals and organizations can become stagnated unless they take purposeful steps to grow and evolve. Attend the LIFE Course for a personal growth experience like no other. Choose a retreat or strategic planning event┬áto breath new life into your current organization. Start your new organization off right by collaboratively designing the culture and pillars of strength for your organization’s future.

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