“Tomorrow’s Excellence Earned Now Series”

Parents …

Would you like to see your daughter …

* Understand long term effects of choices
* Respect others
* Acquire good judgement skills
* Improve communication at home
* Be true to herself
* Set goals from principle based values

Teens …

Would you like to …

* Really know who you are
* Discover your personality strengths
* Have confidence in yourself
* Bond with other teen girls
* Learn how to make and keep good friends
* Have courage under peer pressure
* Open communication with parents
* Be understood at home
* Accept others
* Feel happy

If you are like most teens, you have dreams for your future. Working to establish a solid foundation, you are better prepared to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that come your way. Dreams can come true through knowing how to set realistic goals, being true to your own principles, making informed decisions and directing your energy into proven skills.

Create your own opportunitues to support your life’s goals and realize your dreams.

This six week series runs Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 P.M. Giving enough time between weekly classes to practice newly learned skills and complete assignments.

This Class is

* Designed for girls ages 12-18.

Covers: Communication skills, Decision making skills, Strengthen values,

Understanding their own personality strengths & red flags, Goal setting skills,

Understanding boundaries with self and others, Understanding feelings & emotions. Act vs. react,

How to strengthen family relationships, The value of giving.

Through nearly twelve hours in a fun learning environment, your teen can discover how to choose her pathway to excellence.

For today’s teen to be successful in her life, create her own happiness and develop into a fully functional adult she needs a . . .

DESIRE to learn and grow
EDUCATION to gain skills
SUPPORT for making changes

. . . for living a balanced life of caring for herself and giving to others.