A one day investment can make the difference between struggling through years of frustration or building a positive, enjoyable family experience.  Step Family Testimonials
Have you experienced these feelings?* Feeling overwhelmed
* Resentful of step children
* Feeling rejected, ignored, hurt, disrespected, unappreciated
* Your spouse over-protects their own children
* Experiencing divided loyalties
* Success of the family lies on your shoulders
* Desire to run away
* Hopeless, helpless, discouraged and alone
* Longing for things to be better

A one-day class, lunch on your own. Begins at 9:00 AM, ends at 5:00 PM


Elements of Excellence for Step Families is a friendly, confidential setting with flexibility within the outline to address your personal concerns.* Gain understanding of how a step family is different
* Gain understanding of reasonable expectations
* Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes
* Learn how to deal with a difficult child who refuses to adjust to the new family
* Learn the most effective ways to handle discipline in the family
* Work together as a couple
* Learn how to address money issues
The information is based on over 20 years of research. Taught by a fully trained professional who also has 24 years experience as a step parent. Learn from someone who has been there!
Did you know it takes an average step family 5-7 years to bond?
If the family doesn’t accomplish certain stages and tasks it will never bond.Learn what you can do. Virtually every step family needs help of some kind …only 1% seek help. The only sick family is the one who needs help and doesn’t get it.Create the kind of family that feels good to be a part of.